We are happy to announce our partnership with Creatubbles™, the safe global community for creators of all ages all over the world. The Creatubbles platform is the perfect space for children, families and teachers to save, share and discover creative work online. And now it’s Strawbees turn to inspire the community!

Creatubbles recognizes the fundamental importance of creating a place where anyone from anywhere in the world can participate equally, comfortably and safely. Trusted by schools and organizations worldwide, it can be accessed on desktop, mobile or tablet and it is free to use. With “Share with Creatubbles” you can easily connect and use Creatubbles to engage in a inspiring and creative community.

With Creatubbles, Strawbees users can:
– Save their Strawbees creations to their Creatubbles profile by clicking the ”Share with Creatubbles” button
– Get inspired, and inspire others with their creations
– Share creations with family and friends, as well as with people from all over the world
– ”Bubble” creations they love and let others know they enjoyed their work
– Get ”bubbled” as a sign of appreciation of their creative work
– Interact with creators from all over the world
– Organize their creations in different galleries

To see what the Strawbees gallery on Creatubbles looks like, click here. Look out for competitions coming soon and follow @strawbees on Twitter for our latest news. If you want more information, please contact info@strawbees.com

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Strawbees raises funds that value the company to 4.6 Million USD, and signs major US retailer.

TeacherGaming LLC, the founders of MinecraftEdu, invests in Strawbees to further ignite the start up’s educational offer. Strawbees retail success continues by signing global lifestyle retailer Urban Outfitters.

”Raising funds at this stage is pivotal for our growth, and will used for expansion in our two focused segments; Retail and Education.” says Strawbees CEO Erik Bergelin.

MinecraftEdu, that recently was acquired by Microsoft, has grown significantly the recent years, and the global network of 15000 schools, together with digital marketing will now be the cornerstone in the development of Strawbees educational offer.

”We were looking for an investor with excessive knowledge in either retail or education, and TeacherGaming LLC is the perfect fit for us in education. The investment of course implies financial stability for us, but the strategic advice and network will be extremely valuable for us and will boost our educational offer greatly.” continues Erik Bergelin

”The Strawbees platform really excites us. Their vision of creativity, innovation and play in education is what we believe in, and I believe we can support their global journey.” says TeacherGaming LLC’s CEO Santeri Koivisto

Strawbees followed up the signing of Barnes & Noble in May by signing Urban Outfitters in June, a global lifestyle store chain with 400 stores.

”The signing further proves that Strawbees attracts the creative parent and kid, and that the quality level of the product is where we want it to be” says Erik Bergelin

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Strawbees will be one of the new attractions at Universeum this summer, who are opening their new major exhibition; ‘The Rainforest’. At the Strawbees exhibition ‘The Zoo’, kids and parents can try building their own creatures, and get an understanding of animals’ anatomy.

“Universeum are progressive when it comes to teaching kids how the world works, and they are investing a lot to make the experience as real as possible. Strawbees’ unique mechanical properties is perfect for showing animals’ anatomy and how things work.” Says Strawbees inventor and chief innovation officer Erik Thorstensson

Universeum have built the rain forest for 6 months, and the exhibition was inaugurated the 8th of June. Universeum expects 200.000-300.000 visitors during the 10 week exhibition.

Example: Building bird wings


”United States is one of our key markets, and signing Barnes & Noble is a major accolade, since they only accept the highest quality and innovation in their stores. Our strategy of creating an innovative product, paired with world class content has allowed us to achieve substantive growth as we expect to triple sales this year.” says Strawbees CEO Erik Bergelin.

Strawbees launched their retail creative toy in December 2015, and was named ”Toys to watch in 2016” by Forbes after the New York Toy Fair in February.

Strawbees is currently focusing on two major customer segments; education and creative toys.

”Sales in Barnes & Noble’s 650 stores, along with other major customers we are in discussions with, will of course boost our retail sales globally, but also have a positive impact on our educational sales.” continues Erik Bergelin

”We are proud to have a unique product in a market that has been consolidating for decades. The design makes it possible to teach physics, maths and it shows true mechanical and engineering properties. The intersection of creative toys and education is a very exciting place to be, and the segment is growing fast.” says Erik Bergelin.

Press release in .pdf
Article by Dagens Industri – Sweden’s biggest business news paper
Article by ALMI – Sweden’s Governmental owned VC / Advisory firm

Strawbees is a toy and edtech company with headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden that launched 2014 with a successful Kickstarter campaign.
Barnes & Noble is a Fortune 500 company and the largest book store chain in the United States, with 650 stores and online sales.


We are happy to announce that Forbes named Strawbees “Toys to Watch in 2016”, with the likes of LEGO and Plus-Plus.

“Parents nowadays wants their kids to leave the computer and use smart toys and be creative. The trend on the fairs has clearly been more hands on creative toys, and that is why we see great results from LEGO, and the rejuvenation of Meccano. Anyway, it’s fun to stand out among great competition, and named in the same discussion as LEGO and Plus-Plus” – Says Strawbees’ CEO Erik Bergelin


We have had a few awesome days at the Nürnberg Toy Fair (Halle 5, A-55), which is our first toy fair ever. The reception has been outstanding, and we have met a lot of future distributors, retailers and partners in product development. It could not have gone any better.

In mid February, we will travel to USA to the New York Toy Fair on Manhattan. Please come visit us in booth 5861! We promise to show some extraordinary creations.

If you missed us in Nürnberg, or cannot visit us at the New York Toy Fair, please contact the Strawbees CEO, Erik Bergelin at erik.bergelin@strawbees.com

To further connect digital and analogue creativity, Strawbees have just launched their new “Become an Inventor” iPad app on AppStore. The app is an awesome tool to challenge anyone to building huge in 3 dimensions. The app also offers a clear progression path from being a Strawbees beginner, to being a Strawbees pro, being able to build big things and think in new ways.

Happy to announce that Strawbees & Quirkbot, together with Makey Makey have signed a unique agreement with progressive educational distributor Lin Education in Sweden to bring innovation, creativity and programming into schools in Sweden. link: http://lineducation.se/lins-makerlador/

Strawbees and Designtorget have agreed to sell Strawbees’ new smart toys at Designtorgets stores in Sweden and Norway, starting in December 2015. The agreement is the start of an international expansion of the brand.

’It’s a great opportunity to show our Scandinavian creative design at Sweden’s number one design store for furniture, toys and interior design’ says Strawbees CEO Erik Bergelin

Strawbees new products is the mark of a new era for the company, showing how design, creativity and play can come together. The products are also on the way to other big markets as United States, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom and France.

’It’s a great opportunity for us to show Scandinavian design at it’s best, and we will join forces when it comes to fun and creative marketing events in Sweden’ says Pål Kårfalk, CEO at Designtorget

’This is exactly the kind of product the we want to work with, with a good mix of Swedish design, fun applications and supreme quality’ continues Pål Kårfalk
’When we initiated discussions with Designtorget, we quickly understood that we had the same values, and we are looking forward to a long and successful relationship’ says Erik Bergelin

Strawbees launches their new product range of smart toys at Designtorget in Sweden and Norway during December 2015, and will have workshops in selected Designtorget stores during December.