Ambassador Program

Strawbees EDU partners up with world class educators that share our values to create quality content for classrooms. We strive to boost and spread creativity and innovation in schools and within individuals around the world, which is only possible with the help of our cherished ambassadors. Currently, our ambassador program comprises of two levels - Strawbees Ambassador and Strawbees Master Builder.

Types of programs

Level 1

Strawbees ambassador

We offer highly reduced pricing of our products to educators / makers / users who creates good content for us and who shares their creations and the Strawbees brand to colleagues, and to the world on social media.

Level 2

Strawbees master builder

The Master Builders are Strawbees users that continuously creates content for Strawbees, and use Strawbees when workshopping for other teachers. The master builders are seen as Strawbees employees around the world and also train others. The master builders get Strawbees merchandise and take part in different types of faires (Maker Faires, etc.) around the world.

To enrol into our program or to know more, write to us at:

ambassador (at)