Teacher Gaming invests in Strawbees to boost growth in education

Strawbees raises funds that value the company to 4.6 Million USD, and signs major US retailer.

TeacherGaming LLC, the founders of MinecraftEdu, invests in Strawbees to further ignite the start up’s educational offer. Strawbees retail success continues by signing global lifestyle retailer Urban Outfitters.

”Raising funds at this stage is pivotal for our growth, and will used for expansion in our two focused segments; Retail and Education.” says Strawbees CEO Erik Bergelin.

MinecraftEdu, that recently was acquired by Microsoft, has grown significantly the recent years, and the global network of 15000 schools, together with digital marketing will now be the cornerstone in the development of Strawbees educational offer.

”We were looking for an investor with excessive knowledge in either retail or education, and TeacherGaming LLC is the perfect fit for us in education. The investment of course implies financial stability for us, but the strategic advice and network will be extremely valuable for us and will boost our educational offer greatly.” continues Erik Bergelin

”The Strawbees platform really excites us. Their vision of creativity, innovation and play in education is what we believe in, and I believe we can support their global journey.” says TeacherGaming LLC’s CEO Santeri Koivisto

Strawbees followed up the signing of Barnes & Noble in May by signing Urban Outfitters in June, a global lifestyle store chain with 400 stores.

”The signing further proves that Strawbees attracts the creative parent and kid, and that the quality level of the product is where we want it to be” says Erik Bergelin

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