Universeum, Swedens biggest science center, exhibit Strawbees all summer

Strawbees will be one of the new attractions at Universeum this summer, who are opening their new major exhibition; ‘The Rainforest’. At the Strawbees exhibition ‘The Zoo’, kids and parents can try building their own creatures, and get an understanding of animals’ anatomy.

“Universeum are progressive when it comes to teaching kids how the world works, and they are investing a lot to make the experience as real as possible. Strawbees’ unique mechanical properties is perfect for showing animals’ anatomy and how things work.” Says Strawbees inventor and chief innovation officer Erik Thorstensson

Universeum have built the rain forest for 6 months, and the exhibition was inaugurated the 8th of June. Universeum expects 200.000-300.000 visitors during the 10 week exhibition.

Example: Building bird wings