We have had a few awesome days at the Nürnberg Toy Fair (Halle 5, A-55), which is our first toy fair ever. The reception has been outstanding, and we have met a lot of future distributors, retailers and partners in product development. It could not have gone any better.

In mid February, we will travel to USA to the New York Toy Fair on Manhattan. Please come visit us in booth 5861! We promise to show some extraordinary creations.

If you missed us in Nürnberg, or cannot visit us at the New York Toy Fair, please contact the Strawbees CEO, Erik Bergelin at erik.bergelin@strawbees.com

To further connect digital and analogue creativity, Strawbees have just launched their new “Become an Inventor” iPad app on AppStore. The app is an awesome tool to challenge anyone to building huge in 3 dimensions. The app also offers a clear progression path from being a Strawbees beginner, to being a Strawbees pro, being able to build big things and think in new ways.

Happy to announce that Strawbees & Quirkbot, together with Makey Makey have signed a unique agreement with progressive educational distributor Lin Education in Sweden to bring innovation, creativity and programming into schools in Sweden. link: http://lineducation.se/lins-makerlador/